First Year at School

Additional contacts and information

First Year at School: Additional contacts and information

As part of your First year at school publication purchase you will receive access to a range of additional digital material, including the following contact details for Government and school-related organisations.

Government organisations:

Contact the state education departments for reports, curriculums and health and wellbeing, safety and other information.

Department of Education and Training
1300 566 046

The Australian Curriculum online (ACARA)
1300 895 563

National government information and support service—MyChild
1800 670 305

Department of Education and Training Directorate—ACT
13 22 81

Department of Education: Early childhood education & care—NSW
1800 619 113

Department of Education—NT
(08) 8999 5659

Department of Education and Training—Qld
13 74 68

Department for Education and Child Development—SA
1800 088 158

Department of Education—Tas
1800 816 057

Department of Education and Training—Vic
(03) 9637 2000

Department of Education—WA
(08) 9264 4111

Centrelink payments and services for families

Schoolkids Bonus

The Schoolkids Bonus was phased out in July 2016. If you were eligible and didn’t get a return you will need to contact the Department of Human Services before 30 June 2017 to lodge a claim. Visit

Family Tax Benefit

The Family Tax Benefit helps with the cost of raising children. It has two parts: Part A and Part B. Part A is paid for each child and Part B gives extra help to single parents and families with one main income. Both parts come with annual supplements. Visit

Healthy Start for School

If your child is turning four this financial year, they will need a relevant health check so you can get your Family Tax Benefit supplement. The health check will need to be done if you and/or your partner receive Family Tax Benefit Part A, or an income support payment. Visit

Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate

The Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate can help with the cost of child care. You need to claim the Child Care Benefit in order to receive the Child Care Rebate. Visit

Carer Allowance

Carer Allowance is a supplementary payment for parents or carers who provide additional daily care to an adult or dependent child who has a disability or medical condition. It is not income- or assets-tested and can be paid in addition to wages or other income support payments. Visit

Parenting Payment

While your child has been at home, you may have been receiving the Parenting Payment. Parenting Payment provides income support to help with the cost of raising children. When your child turns a certain age, you will no longer be able to get this payment. At this time, you’ll be asked you to talk to Centrelink about other options available to you. Visit

Newstart Allowance

With your child starting school, you might be thinking about looking for work, studying or training. Newstart Allowance can provide you with financial help while you do activities that may increase your chances of finding a job, including studying and training. Visit

For more information about what family assistance is available for you, go to

Catholic Education offices:

Contact the Catholic Education offices to find Catholic schools near you, resources and information about curriculum and education.

Catholic Education—ACT
(02) 6234 5455

Catholic Education Commission—NSW
(02) 9287 1555

Catholic Education Office—NT
(08) 8984 1400

Catholic Education Commission—Qld
(07) 3316 5800

Catholic Education—SA
(08) 8301 6600

Catholic Education Office—Tas
(03) 6210 8888

Catholic Education Commission—Vic
(03) 9267 0228

Catholic Education—WA
(08) 6380 5200

Independent schools

Information about Independent schools (non-government and non-Catholic schools)—a diverse group of schools serving a range of communities across Australia—should be sought from each school individually.